8 female Derek Jeter possess Dated (And 8 which performedn’t final Long)

8 female Derek Jeter possess Dated (And 8 which performedn’t final Long)

Certainly baseball’s best people starred industry when it found the women, too, but he don’t victory on a regular basis.

Previous baseball celebrity Derek Jeter has never come one to sit back and enjoy the peaceful life. Since phoning opportunity on their performing weeks, Derek Jeter the business person has arrived upon us. He’s in addition come to be chief executive officer and part-owner of the Miami Marlins of major-league Baseball. Your retirement from industry haven’t lead to deficiencies in activity on their part. Nevertheless when it comes to different facets of their lifestyle, everything has quietened all the way down for Derek about internet dating front side, or achieved a crescendo depending on the way it’s sensed!

15 DIDN’T PAST EXTENDED: Tyra Banking Institutions

Derek and Tyra Banks presumably met up, although these rumors were unsubstantiated. These people were viewed collectively quite a few days at various happenings which got the rumor factory whirring. Both comprise IMG clients during the time and seated together at a basketball online game. Tyra never talked on the topic, however if everything did happen, they performedn’t happen for long.

14 DATED: Lara Dutta

Issues really took off around 2000 for Lara Dutta. She acquired the neglect world top which propelled their into the spotlight, delivered her for the interest of Bollywood and Derek Jeter. The two turned into very close also it ended up beingn’t long before they started online dating, a relationship which lasted about per year.

13 DIDN’T LAST LONGER: Scarlett Johansson

Silver screen superstar Scarlett Johansson was on most people’s lists when it comes to the world’s best female. If gossip should be believed, during the early 2000s she ended up being on Derek’s radar as well. Although Scarlett keeps denied the rumors, the duo happened to be identified leaving a Christmas party along. Make your very own brains right up!

12 DATED: Mariah Carey

People like the lady, a lot of people dislike this lady, many want to detest this lady. One thing’s needless to say which’s there ended up being undoubtedly love between Derek and Mariah not so long ago. They outdated inside the mid-90s and it’s felt that Mariah had been Derek’s very first so-called celebrity gf. She’s a trendsetter okay.


Looking through their history with women, it’s straightforward that Derek either is true of performers or products. Bridget hallway falls in to the latter category. Bridget attained substantial amounts of popularity whenever she enriched the cover of activities Illustrated bathing suit concern in the early 2000s. She became an immediate success will millions and caught Derek’s attention and.

10 DATED: Jordana Brewster

As a result of the quickly Saga, Jordana Brewster turned popular in Hollywood and also to hundreds of thousands around the world. Derek outdated the woman before she hit the height of the woman reputation. The duo had been spotted on his 28th birthday celebration and had been observed on an outing along a couple of times after that. it is believe they dated for several months, which appears to have already been the regular dating course for Derek throughout that energy.

9 DIDN’T END EXTENDED: Gabrielle Union

After splitting with Jessica Biel, it actually was rumored that Derek begun upwards a casual thing with superstar celebrity Gabrielle Union. It’s wasn’t tough for those to jump on the bandwagon and commence speculating, although Gabrielle possess refuted the connection, expressing that in case she is internet dating Derek, she’d hold a press conference and mention they to the world.

8 DATED: Delight Enriquez

A-Rod lead celebrity pleasure Enriquez to a game title in 2001. That turned out to be a huge blunder on his parts. Although A-Rod’s generally speaking done very well about girls, he’s no Derek, and doesn’t bring his games. Joy got Derek’s nice, evidently the sensation had been common in addition they wound up fun.

7 DIDN’T END LENGTHY: Jessica Alba

Query men which their unique desired woman is and Jessica Alba is towards the top of lots of people’s listings. The attractive celebrity was stunning in every single which method. It’s clear to see the reason why she received Derek’s focus. They quickly got together and outdated for a time in 2004, nonetheless it didn’t finally – like other ladies about number!

6 DATED: Minka Kelly

Whenever Derek embarks on a relationship with a female, everyone begin taking wagers as to how extended it will probably endure. A couple of months include well-known alternatives. But he dated Minka for far longer than their other conquests. Irrespective of their partner, he’s started with Minka the longest. They did split for a time, but patched factors right up before-going their split ways again.


Rachel Uchitel has started to become a famous title in the celebrity community. She’s come to be something of a femme fatale after the lady relationship with padraig harrington. But before Tiger dropped on her charms, Derek Jeter dated her. At first, they certainly were just rumors, but then Rachel’s mommy affirmed both had indeed outdated.

4 DATED: Jessica Biel

it is fair to declare that individuals were rooting for Derek Jeter and Jessica Biel if they met up. The duo truly had been a superstar pair. Lots of believe it’d be Jessica who’d render a genuine people from Derek. She experimented with but without achievement. Almost everything worked out for the greatest though once the two are hitched – to other someone – and taking pleasure in families lives.


Around fifteen years in the past, herpes dating sites Adriana Lima was actually the fresh hot house in the modelling globe. The Victoria’s key model was a long-term installation during the heads of a lot dudes at that time, including Derek’s in 2006. But their relations using the supermodel didn’t last long. Adriana proceeded to acquire a dating number nearly since illustrious once the one Derek has!

2 DATED: Hannah Jeter

After many, many, a lot of, failed relationships, Hannah Davis – today Jeter – was actually the woman whom finally produced an honest guy out of Derek. Their relationship period, supposed from different girl to girl, month to month, are now more than. Both have hitched in 2016 and possess put several youngsters on their parents.

1 DIDN’T END LONG: Vida Guerra

Rumor has they that Derek had something taking place with Cuban-American glamor unit, Vida Guerra. During the time she had been modelling for all your best providers, is gracing the covers of coveted advances. When it did take place, they didn’t last very long and ended up being acutely informal.

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