Cloning Tinder Using React Local Items and Expo

Cloning Tinder Using React Local Items and Expo

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Generating pixel-perfect templates on mobile is hard. Despite the reality React Native makes it easier than the native equivalents, they however requires countless try to get a mobile app to perfection.

Within information, very well be cloning more famous relationship application, Tinder. Well then understand a UI structure known as React Native factors, helping to make design React Native apps smooth.

Because this is simply will be a layout guide, very well be using exhibition, since it renders position facts upwards less difficult than plain old react-native-cli . Well additionally be making use of some dummy facts to help make the application.

Well be producing all in all, four screensroom, Top Picks, visibility, and communications.

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For this guide, you need a fundamental knowledge of React local and a few familiarity with exhibition. Youll in addition need the exhibition client mounted on their mobile device or a compatible simulation installed on your personal computer. Guidance for you to repeat this can be purchased right here.

Be sure to have a standard understanding of styles in React local. Designs in respond local are an abstraction like CSS, with just some differences. You may get a list of the land in the design cheatsheet.

Throughout the span of this guide well be making use of yarn . Should you decide do not has yarn already setup, do the installation from this point.

Also make certain youve already installed expo-cli on your computer.

If its not setup already, subsequently go ahead and set it up:

Remember to update expo-cli if you havent up-to-date in some time, since expo releases become easily old.

Had been browsing establish something which seems like this:

Should you only want to clone the repo, your whole rule are available on Gitcenter.

Getting Started

Helps establish a new exhibition project using expo-cli :

It will next request you to select a layout. You really need to pick tabs and hit submit .

Then it will ask you to mention the project. Type expo-tinder and hit input again.

Finally, it is going to request you to push on y to install dependencies with yarn or n to install dependencies with npm . Hit y .

This bootstraps a whole new respond Native app using expo-cli .

React Native Elements

React Native factors try a cross-platform UI Toolkit for React local with constant concept across Android, apple’s ios and online.

Their user friendly and totally built with JavaScript. Its additionally the most important UI system available for React Native .

It allows you to fully modify styles of some of our very own equipment how we desire so every software possesses its own unique feel.

You’ll develop gorgeous programs conveniently.

Cloning Tinder UI

Weve currently created a job called expo-tinder .

To operate your panels, means this:

Click i to perform the apple’s ios Simulator. This may instantly operate the apple’s ios Simulator no matter if it isn’t exposed.

Push a to perform the Android os Emulator. Keep in mind that the emulator ought to be put in and going currently before entering a . Normally it will probably put a mistake in the terminal.

It will appear to be this:


The initial create has already set up react-navigation for us. The underside loss navigation in addition functions default because we chose tabs during the second step of expo init . You can check it by scraping on hyperlinks and Settings.

The screens/ folder accounts for the information showed after tabs tend to be altered.

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